Website Optimization and Internet Marketing

We Offer multiple website services that not only attract more customers, but also contribute to the ultimate goal which is your business Page Rank in the google search results. We strongly recommend our customers to take advantage of our many services listed below, so that we can work with you to increase your business traffic as much as possible.

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Search Engine Optimization

The ultimate goal and the reason why we keep working with customers after we build the perfect website for them is Search Engine Optimization. A website doesn't magically get to the top of search results as soon as it is made, no matter the quality. A Page Rank is assigned once google runs across the site and that Page Rank determines where you sit on different search terms and key words.

The bad news is no site has a high page rank when it first gets seen, but the good news is we can increase that number over time. There are alot of different ways to increase your page rank, as well as; many ways to harm it if you do not know what you are doing. Over time we make updates to keep the site fresh, strategize social media marketing to increase traffic flow and update different backlinks and social profiles to keep the page rank ever ticking higher.

Social Media Marketing

Used by Millions of companies from corporations to small local businesses, Social Media has fast become a usefull tool in the world of internet marketing. Facebook, Twiiter, and Goolge+ are great resources, when used with strategy; to reach local customers in your area, increase website traffic, and increase your overall page rank. Goolge Expects businesses to have the social media profiles connected to your website and neglecting them will only hurt your page rank making your business harder to find in the sea of google search results.

We Set up business profiles and get them up to date with the current standards, moreover; we develop social strategies dealing with the local consumer interests and trends. A general constant feed of information and clever posts can increase traffic exponentially. Facebook now offers a great way to target specific demographics, locations, interests that we use to find the right people to see your posts instead of the pople that just like your page.

Google Analytics Services

Probably one of the best tools ever created for building a websites page rank is Google Analytics. We use this service to maintain your website keywords and content to stay up to date with the current search trends relating to your products and services. Changing and updating how your website is giving its message overtime can do wonders for your page rank and your overall traffic.

Taking advantage of this service includes a report monthly on all the different demographics and information related to who is searching you, when they are, and how interested they are in the differnet things that your businees offers. Using this information with a solid sales and marketing strategy has done wonders for businesses worldwide.